The performance “Do What You Want” is an attempt by Filip Pawlak to explore and explain the concept of alternative kinematics, based on his own story. This concept, popularized by choreographer Rafał Urbacki, continues to circulate. In his search, the creator delves into the archive of experiences, including subjective memory, documentary materials, interviews with other artists, and theoretical texts, attempting to find a common narrative. It is also a confrontation with his own return to the stage after 7 years of working behind the scenes in the theater. Filip/Performer poses the question: to whom does the performer’s body memory belong? And how does it change?

Concept, performance, text: Filip Pawlak

Set design, costumes: Saskia Hellmann

Music: Marcel Pieczonka (marcelims)

Lighting direction: Sebastian Klim

Production: Paulina Uryszek

Directorial consultation: Justyna Wielgus

Choreographic consultation: Kozma Zsófi Rebeka

Excerpt from the recording “Protected Species” courtesy of Anu Czerwiński, Katarzyna Szarawara, Karolina Matyjasek, and Tatiana Cholewa.

The performance lasts 40 minutes.

TW: The performance will include loud sounds.

The project “SHOW LANGUAGE” is funded with 350,000 Euros from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway as part of the EEA funds. The project aims to jointly create a green, competitive, and socially integrative Europe.

Duration: 40 minutes