In this interdisciplinary performance, blending elements of performance art, a fashion show and a concert, the musical accompaniment will be played by the Pokusa band.
The project is part of the ‘Show the Language’ program, which aims to promote social inclusion, equality for artists with disabilities, and diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Concept and production: interart_s (Aleksandra Piotrowska, Karolina Lisik)
Direction: Justyna Wielgus
Dramaturgical collaboration: Justyna Lipko-Konieczna
Actors/models: Grzegorz Brandt, Anna Drózd, Teresa Foks, Maja Kowalczyk, Anna Łuczak, Aleksander Orliński, Michał Pęszyński, Piotr Sakowski, Aleksandra Skotarek, Marta Stańczyk, Piotr Swend, Magdalena Świątkowska, Cecylia Sobolewska
Designers: Ishara Jayathilake, Magnus Opsahl Hofseth, Wisła Nicieja
Set Design: Wisła Nicieja
Music: Pokusa band – Teo Olter, Natan Kryszk, Tymon Bryndal
Video: Wojciech Kaniewski
Lighting Direction: Sebastian Klim
Frida Marida’s drag queen show: Hani Asaaf
Supported by: Kulturdirektoratet – EEA and Norway Grants
Duration: around 120 min.
Door opens at 17:30
💚Due to limited seating availability, we kindly request you to register for the event by obtaining a complimentary ticket💚
Tickets: 👉🏻…/camouflage__an…
Ishara Jayathilake, born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1991, completed her fashion design studies at Northumbria University in the UK. She gained recognition when her collection debuted at London Fashion Week in 2015. Later, she moved to Oslo for a master’s degree in fashion and costume design at the National Academy of Arts. Her master’s project, “East Meets West,” earned a nomination at the 2020 Designers’ Nest Award Show in Copenhagen. Ishara has also explored the intersection of fashion and colonialism in installations at the Danish Design Museum and Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde Museum in Stockholm.

Magnus Opsahl Hofseth, a fashion designer and artist in Oslo, Norway, holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion and industry from Oslo Metropolitan University (2019) and a master’s in fashion and society from OsloMet (2021). He blends masculine and feminine styles to challenge traditional men’s fashion, often addressing themes like toxic masculinity and queer history. Magnus, who delivers lectures on queer fashion, currently assists the prestigious sportswear brand Norrøna.

Wisła Nicieja has collaborated with Teatr 21 for 12 years, designing costumes that blend theatricality with contemporary fashion. Her costumes make powerful statements and remain sensitive to the individuals who wear them in productions such as “Rewolucja, której nie było” and “Jak przestałem być idealny.”