“Meeting around the publication ‘Politics of (In)Accessibility’

The meeting around the publication ‘Politics of (In)Accessibility’ will allow us to revisit the prominent exhibition organized in February 2022 at the City Gallery Arsenal and the international symposium that took place in Poznań. The book emerged from the need to broaden the topic of accessibility and disability to include the experiences of individuals active in Central and Eastern Europe. The texts gathered in the book reflect the life realities of the authors, greatly influenced by their place of residence and the associated sense of (in)security.

This notably applies to the situation of Stanislav Turina, co-founder of ateliernormalno in Kyiv, who documented his notes from a country at war during breaks between performing numerous tasks related to sustaining himself and his friends. Magdalena Zdrodowska, a researcher focusing on Deaf culture, turns to people with disabilities to learn about their survival capabilities in crisis situations. Zofia Nierodzińska, the editor of the publication, outlines the framework of disability as a universal ethic for the world during the ongoing political and climate catastrophe.

The publication includes reproductions of works from the 2022 exhibition at the City Gallery Arsenal by artists such as Karolina Wiktor, Daniel Kotowski, and Paulina Pankiewicz.

During the meeting on December 3rd at 4:00 PM at the Center for Inclusive Art, we will discuss the exhibition, the book, the work of the mentioned artists, allyship, and disability politics as a method for building social and interspecies bonds in challenging times.

Facilitator: Dr. Ewelina Godlewska-Byliniak
Participants: Daniel Kotowski, Zofia Nierodzińska, Paulina Pankiewicz, Karolina Wiktor

FREE ADMISSION / The meeting will be translated into POLISH SIGN LANGUAGE.”