Theatrical Open Rehearsal with the Actors of Theater 21

Theater 21 is above all a cohesive acting ensemble. The teamwork, which is our hallmark, has been influenced by regular theatrical rehearsals that we have been conducting twice a week consistently for 18 years. During these meetings, the most important aspects for us are the shared relationships and the joy derived from creating theater. Starting from December, we invite you to our regular open rehearsals, which will be an opportunity to experience the atmosphere accompanying our work, get to know our working techniques, and above all, meet the actors of Theater 21. Through the use of body-activating exercises, imagination, and self-awareness, we will collectively create new theatrical situations and images. The open rehearsal with Theater 21 is a chance for a shared training session, during which you can firsthand experience how actors prepare for their work on stage.

Facilitators: Acting ensemble of Theater 21 and directors Justyna Sobczyk / Justyna Wielgus (alternating)

Venue: Center for Inclusive Art / Theater 21

Skoczylasa Street 10/12

Free admission

We welcome everyone regardless of age, mobility, fitness, etc.