theater director, performer, choreographer, curator, ally to Disabled People, vice-president of the Teatr 21 Foundation’s Board.

Since 2013, she has been co-founder of Teatr 21 and the Center for Inclusive Art/Teatr 21, where she is currently responsible for managing international programs and the artistic development of the actors and actresses team. From the beginning of cooperation, she introduced intense reflection combined with practice regarding the diversity of the body and corporeality.
She is the author of the stage movement of such performances by Teatr 21 as: Indianie”, „Klauni czyli o rodzinie. Odc 3”,”Tisza Be-Aw”, „Rewolucja, której nie było”, „Jak przestałem być idealny”.
 In 2019, she directed “PokaZ”, followed by further works such as: “Body to Body with Marilyn”, “Libido Romantico”, Co się stało z nogą Sarah Bernhardt?”, „Nie jestem Rośliną. Strumień świadomości”.
She collaborated with many theaters and collectives, where she co-created performances, including: with Teatr Węgajty, Narodowy Stary Teatr in Cracow („Szewcy”), Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw („Superspektakl”), z Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz („Wielce Szanowna Pani”), Third Space/ Lotte van den Berg ( „Dying together”, „Building conversation”), Komuna Warszawa ( „Co się stało z nogą Sarah Bernhardt?”)
She obtained her education by completing Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw with a specialization in Animation of culture and a two-year Instructor Qualification Course in the Theater category, and above all thanks to hundreds of extraordinary meetings.