The meeting around the book “BRACISZEK” by Clara Dupont-Monod, translated by Marta Szafrańska-Brandt, published by Znak


Together with the Znak Publishing House, we invite you to a meeting about the award-winning book “Braciszek” (Little Brother) by Clara Dupont-Monod, translated by Marta Szafrańska-Brandt. Reading excerpts: Karolina Kosecka, Mateusz Korsak, Maciej Pesta

The discussion about the book will be moderated by Justyna Sobolewska, with the participation of Anna Alboth, Wiktor Styoa, and Karolina Kosecka.

“Braciszek” is a highly acclaimed book, honored with several awards, including the Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2021, Prix Femina 2021, Prix Landerneau 2021, Prix Goncourt de l’Orient, and Prix Goncourt du Japon.

The book presents the perspective of siblings of a little brother with a disability, each coping with the new family situation in a different way. It portrays the viewpoint of an older brother, a younger sister, and the youngest sibling, creating three different portraits and strategies for dealing with a situation that significantly affects their existing family, peer relationships, as well as choices in adult life.

Reviews highlight:

Diagnosis: such children do not live longer than three years. Parents, of course, must muster courage to face this situation. And what about the siblings? Clara Dupont-Monod writes about strategies for dealing with fear, anger, and guilt, about growing up in the shadow of inevitable loss, but above all about love. And she does it in a way that leaves you with a lump in your throat.
– Katarzyna Wężyk, Gazeta Wyborcza columnist and author

It is an extraordinary story due to its subject matter and approach. It moves us because it describes the family as a living environment, never permanently defined, constantly changing and shaking, yet, through forged bonds, providing a solid foundation. This flawed being that could shatter and destroy the family turns out to be its bond.
– “Le Figaro”

The meeting about the book “Braciszek” initiates monthly gatherings at the Center for Inclusive Art for adult siblings of people with disabilities. The meetings take the form of circles, providing an opportunity for shared conversation, experience exchange, and mapping needs.

About the author:

Clara Dupont-Monod is a renowned French writer and journalist. She worked for magazines such as “Cosmopolitan” and “Marianne,” conducted interviews on RTL radio, and co-created various programs on French television, including literary programs. Simultaneously, she developed her writing career, with her debut in 1998. Each of her novels receives critical acclaim, winning literary awards or nominations. Her latest book, “Braciszek” (“Little Brother”), in which she draws on her own childhood experiences, has also been recognized. The author received the Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2021, Prix Femina 2021, and Prix Landerneau 2021 for it.

Participants in the discussion: Anna Alboth, Karolina Kosecka, Wiktor Stypa
Moderator: Justyna Sobolewska

Anna Alboth – activist and journalist, media officer of the Minority Rights Group International organization. For 15 years, she has been publishing materials on human rights in Polish and international media, conducting media training, and organizing projects. She works mainly on migration and minority issues, leads workshops, takes journalists to important migration locations worldwide, and assists at European borders (co-founder of the Border Group). Privately: wife of a German, mother of two daughters, and sister of Kuba with cerebral palsy.

Karolina Kosecka – founder of the 2119 protest, a protest by people with disabilities and caregivers. A drama therapy student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she plans to return to Poland in a year with experience in therapy through performative forms and body/movement, working with pre-verbal individuals. Editor of the Szajn magazine, works as a gardener. Sister of Nikodem, who is on the autism spectrum, and Konrad, who is also on the spectrum with intellectual disabilities.

Wiktor Stypa – a fifth-year student of theatrical directing at the Academy of Theatre in Warsaw. He also studied theater studies at the Jagiellonian University. He was an assistant to Agata Duda-Gracz in the performances “Everyone Must Die Porcelanko (…)” (Warsaw, 2018) and “I Am Hamlet” (Teatr Nowy, Poznań, 2019), and to Dariusz Starczewski in Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” (Krakow, 2017). In February 2021, the premiere of “Kopciuch” based on Janusz Głowacki took place at the Poznań Studio Aktorskie STA, where “Entropy” based on Dennis Kelly’s “DNA” was also created.

In 2023, he directed “Lekkość” at the Tarnowski Theatre, based on discussions and workshops with local youth.

In addition to directing, he is involved in movement therapy and musical prophylaxis for children, using theatrical techniques in his work. Together with Anna Siek, he runs a school for dogs called “Nora. For Dogs,” where he deals with the socialization and zoophysiotherapy of quadrupeds.

He appreciates good coffee and likes dogs. His diverse approach to professional work (and private life) has been taught to him by his brother Norbert, who, thanks to Down syndrome, shows him a different approach to reality every day.

Discussion moderation: Justyna Sobolewska, literary critic, writer, and journalist associated with the weekly “Polityka.” Author of the essay collection “Książka o czytaniu” (The Book about Reading) (2012, 2016), the selection of stories by Kornel Filipowicz “Moja kochana, dumna prowincja” (My Beloved, Proud Province)

(2017), and the biography of Kornel Filipowicz “Miron, Ilia, Kornel. Opowieść biograficzna o Kornelu Filipowiczu” (Miron, Ilia, Kornel. A Biographical Story about Kornel Filipowicz) (2020), nominated for the Górnośląska Nagroda Literacka “Juliusz.” Co-author of the book “Stówka. Przeczytaj to jeszcze raz” (A Hundred. Read It Again) written together with Anna Dziewit Meller (2021). Winner of the PIK Laurel awarded by the Polish Chamber of Books for the popularization of reading in the category of print media. She chairs the jury of the Literary Award of the capital city of Warsaw and is a member of the jury of the Witold Gombrowicz Literary Award and the Central European Literary Award Angelus. Privately, she is the sister of Celia with Down syndrome, an actress at Teatr 21.

Reading excerpts: Maciej Pesta, Karolina Kosecka, Mateusz Korsak