The Center for Inclusive Art / Teatr 21 engages in a broad range of activities aimed at social change, expanding the boundaries of art, and dismantling stereotypes. We strive to treat individuals with disabilities as fully-fledged artists, believing that art is for everyone. Our goal is to create new qualities of artistic experiences by preparing performances for children, combined with workshops, influencing the formation of a tolerant, inclusive, and sensitive society based on mutual respect and understanding.

Why the idea of PATRONITE?

Since November 2022, for the first time in our almost twenty-year history, we can operate in our own space. Our premises are a former multi-branch store that we renovated with funds from a loan. It serves us not only as an office, scenography warehouse, and rehearsal room but also as a venue for premieres, workshops, exhibitions, movement classes, and lectures. All of this is at ground level, accessible to people with disabilities. Maintaining this venue involves tasks that are new to us and require additional time and financial resources. Therefore, we invite you to join our exceptional team and together create this incredible theatrical space!


🎭 Our performances have graced the stages of renowned Polish theaters, and for many years, we have collaborated with the POLIN Museum and the Theater Institute, allowing us to permanently inscribe ourselves on the cultural map of the city.
🎭 The artistic ensemble has performed at national festivals (including Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków, Szczecin, Katowice, Łódź) and international ones (Prague, Berlin, Helsinki, Freiburg, Munich).
🎭 We have also engaged in numerous collaborations with international organizations from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, France, and the Czech Republic.

🎭 In 2019, the play “Rewolucja, której nie było” was awarded at the International Theatre Festival “Boska Komedia” in Krakow.
🎭 We received the GRAND PRIX Warsaw Award for Cultural Education, Accessibility Leader.
🎭 The play “Libido romantico,” directed by Justyna Wielgus, was distinguished in The Best Off plebiscite.
🎭 Our activities were recognized in 2021 with the POLITYKA Passport in the “Theatre” category.

What else?
🎭 We conduct extensive scientific activities.
🎭 We enrich Polish disability studies and theater studies with translations of publications by prominent Anglo-Saxon scholars.
🎭 We publish scientific books by domestic researchers.
🎭 We organize meetings and conferences with Polish and international academic professionals.