Yoga is for everyone, at any age, in any physical and mental condition. It is a practice for both the body and the mind. In a common understanding, yoga consists of a set of asanas, which are physical exercises and positions, as well as meditative practices, the pursuit of inner silence. We would like to combine these two wings of yoga – Hatha yoga and dance, along with meditation. In the Indian tradition, the goal of yoga is a state where all movements of the mind cease, inner silence, hence we meditate, sitting in silence. Yoga is based on relaxation, release, and observing thoughts and imagination. In addition to basic asanas, you will be able to learn simple breathing exercises – pranayama.

Martyna is a yoga instructor, focusing on Kundalini yoga, which involves working with energy around the spine.
Cecylia has been participating in yoga and meditation classes since childhood, leading ceremonial meditation meetings. She is also a dancer of Indian free dance, allowing for a shared dance experience.


Cela and Martyna invite you to classes where you can learn simple self-improvement practices on both physical and mental levels, as well as exercises that can enhance the quality of your life. All you need is comfortable attire, your favorite pillow, and the willingness to meet others and discover yourself.

CECYLIA SOBOLEWSKA – Cecylia Sobolewska was born on June 19, 1989, in Warsaw. One of her greatest passions is art. Cela paints and draws landscapes, portraits, and comics with markers. She attends art classes at Atelier in an artistic tenement at Foksal 11. Her works have been exhibited in cultural centers in Warsaw, Łódź, Sandomierz, Mikołów, and Wrocław. She loves movies and has an extensive film collection. She enjoys going to the movies with her parents. She reads fantasy and historical novels. On the computer, she writes pages of her journal, poems, and articles, regularly published in the “Bardziej Kochani” Magazine for Families and Caregivers of People with Down Syndrome. For many years, she has been practicing yoga in a small group, both silent meditation and some asanas. She is interested in nature, loves animals, and takes care of her two cats.

MARTYNA PESZKO – A theatrical, film, and television actress, documentary director; a graduate of the Krakow Drama School. She received the Main Award at the Theater Schools Festival for her diploma role in the play “After the Rain,” directed by Jan Peszko. She completed her studies at the Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique in Paris, acting courses at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, and philosophy studies at the University of Warsaw. She graduated from the DOK Pro directing course at the Wajda School in Warsaw. In 2013, she received the Jan Machulski Award for Best Actress for her role in the film “As Long as the Wolf is Sated,” directed by Olga Kałagate. Associated with Teatr Ludowy and Stary in Krakow, Teatr Narodowy and Laboratorium Dramatu in Warsaw, and Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz. She appeared in films such as Jerzy Stuhr’s “Weather for Tomorrow,” Leszek Wosiewicz’s “Crossroads Cafe,” and Rafał Wieczyński’s “Popiełuszko: Freedom Is Within Us.” She also played in the Lithuanian-Irish production “The Castle” by Lina Lizute. In France, with Compagnie Tabasco, she directed the play “Reflets,” a performative reading of ”Spring 1966. The Confession of an Actress” based on texts by Halina Mikołajska, and the short documentary film “Tell Me Something More” (2020), which premiered at the Krakow Film Festival last year; the film has been shown at the Warsaw Film Festival (2020), New Horizons Festival in Wroclaw (2020), and at the Miradas Doc Festival in Tenerife (2021). The documentary had its North American premiere at HOT DOCS (2021). This year, the film “Revolution 21” had its Polish premiere at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival, telling the story of the rehearsals of Teatr 21 for the play “The Revolution That Wasn’t.”